Early Damage Detection
Real-Time Remote Wind Turbine Monitoring
Improve Performance While Decreasing the Cost
Warnings and Alerts

Windrover provides 24/7 health monitoring service with maintenance recommendations for wind turbine blades.

Windrover empowers early wind turbine blade damage detection through the collection and analysis of acoustic data using its machine learning algorithms.

With the data we collect by placing our sensors inside the blades of wind turbines

We enable maintenance and repair activities before the damage to the blades reach the surface, thanks to our AI software that analyses the data we collect from our sensors that places inside of the wind turbine blades,

We extend the life-time of wind turbines by providing health information through our algorithm.

With the Windrover Iot mobile application, you will be able to easily monitor the daily, weekly and monthly health of your turbines trough data visualization and comparative chart. You will be able to get information about turbine blade speed, air density and blade health. In case of efficiency drops in wind turbines, related reports and alarms are sent to the user via the application.

Our software can classify different types of damage such
as cracks, fractures, burns on the wind turbine blades and
provides information about the location and damage size.