Underwater operation

We make a 3D map of the tunnel

The operation service is provided by our agile and dynamic team within 3-7 days.

Hydropower plants’ tunnel inspections are usually done by emptying the water from the tunnels

When the water in a hydropower plant is drained, the workers detect the cracks by walking with the sensors and cameras in the tunnels. The water discharged through the tunnel causes hydrostatic pressure. This creates a risk of collapse in the tunnels which is very dangerous for the people and the tunnel itself.

In addition to all these risks, the visual operation of a hydroelectric power plant is very time consuming. The weeks of visual inspections cause energy and high cost losses. As Werover we are working on modeling and damage assessment of the hydropower plants.


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Through the screens installed on the control panel, we provide instant monitoring to businesses during operation
We communicate the 3D map we obtained during the operation to our customers
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We are distributor of BlueRobotics in Turkey
Our aim is to collect sound data from inside the tunnel with our robot specially designed for hydroelectric power plant tunnel inspections and to create a 3D model with our mapping software. To enable enterprises to make risk planning with crack, sedimentation and damage detection using 3D mapping technology.